Bishop Mark has written to all Parishes about the gradual restarting of activities under the three step National  roadmap for a COVIDsafe community. His advice to us is:

“While it is legally possible to have a service for a maximum of ten persons, my strong advice is that Step 1 is not the time to re-introduce Sunday public worship, recognizing that many members of our community are among the most vulnerable. It will also allow Parishes and Ministry Units time to plan for a resumption of public worship as restrictions are further lifted. This position is supported by the unanimous decision of the six other Diocesan Bishops of NSW.”

As you would have observed recently at any place that people need to attend for essential purposes, there have been highly visible measures put in place to keep people safe. There are also other activities and plans which aren’t so visible.
Before we can meet for public worship (possibly in Step 2 of the National Plan) each Parish will need to plan and prepare to meet guidelines and regulations. This will involve some work.

To assist in doing this Anglican Diocesan Services has prepared a template for the policies and actions that we will need to undertake. This has been circulated to Parish Council so that work can begin. In the meantime Bishop Mark has suggested ministry which can be undertaken in home and Church meetings.

The full text of his letter can be viewed at this link:

COVID Communication to Parishes 14 May 2020


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